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mask machine
Automatic one to two flat mask production line



Automatic one to two flat mask  production line is composed of one mask body machine  + one transportation allocation machine  + two outer earloop welding machines. The advantages of the one-to-two mask machine can realize automatic speed control. When one earloop machine is stopped, the speed of the main body machine is automatically reduced by 50% to adapt to the normal production of the other earloop machine. When the shutdown earloop machine is restarted, the main body machine resumes normal production speed production, and truly fully automatic operation and control. Compared with stand-alone equipment, the advantages are obvious. This production line has added automatic conveyors and connecting machines. This unique design improves production efficiency and reduces labor costs. The whole machine is automatic operation from feeding, nose line insertion, edge sealing and cutting finished products, which only needs one person to operate.


Overall performance of face mask production line:


  • Equipment type: NMH - KZAP12

  • Ultrasonic welding system: 18 KW 20 KHZ

  • Efficiency of mask production : 144000 / day (20 hours)

  • Specifications of mask : 175 mmx96mm

  • Equipment overall size: 4.5 m (L) x5.5 m (W)x1.5m(H)

  • Leading time: 14-21 days



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