Magnetic Incremental Series



An incremental encoder provides precise speed and distance feedback. Since few sensors are involved, the encoders are relatively simple and inexpensive. 

An incremental encoder provides only relative position information, where the feedback signal is always referenced to a start or home position.





  • Heavy Duty: demanding environment with a high probability of contaminants and moisture, higher temperature, shock, and vibration requirements as seen in pulp, paper, steel, and wood mills. 

  • Industrial Duty: general factory operating  environment which requires standard IP ratings, moderate shock, vibration, and temperature specs as seen in food and beverage, textile, generally factory automation plants. 

  • Light Duty/Servo Motor: controlled environment with high accuracy and temperature requirements such as robotics, electronics, and semiconductors.


Magnetic Series:


With a magnetic encoder, a large magnetized wheel spins over a plate of magneto-resistive sensors. Just as the disk spins over the mask to let the light through in predictable patterns, the wheel causes predictable responses in the sensor, based on the strength of the magnetic field. The magnetic response is fed through a signal conditioning electrical circuit.


A magnetic encoder is designed to output reliable digital feedback in the most demanding and harshest of application environments. Applications for this technology usually require broad temperature specs, high shock and vibration resistance, robust sealing, and contaminant protection all while focusing on output signal reliability, easy installation, and downtime reduction. Popular applications for magnetic encoders include position and velocity feedback in Steel, Pulp, Paper, & Lumber mills.


* According to the requirements, the diameter can be customized.




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