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Servo Motor Drives

  • Ambient temperature: 0~+50°C

  • Storage temperature: -20~+85°C   

  • Humidity/Storage Humidity: 90%RH or less

  • Resistance to vibration: 4.9m/s²

  • Impact resistance:19.2m/s²

  • Control Model: Position Analog control, JOG operation, Speed contact, etc

  • Ordinary incremental encoder: 2500 lines incremental standard type 2500 line

  • Incremental province-wire serial encoder:17/25 bit absolute encoder


Output Power


  • Speed control range: 1:10000(Lower limit of the speed control range is the smooth operation at rated load without crawling)

  • Speed response: 1KHz

  • Rate volatility(Load variation): 0 to 100% load;0%(rated speed)

  • Rate volatility(Voltage variation): Rated voltage +- 10%:0% (rated speed)

  • Rate Volatility(Temperature variation): 25+-25°C: +-0.1% or less(rated speed)


Analog speed / torque command input

  • Command voltage: DV+-10V 

  • Input impendance: Around 20kΩ

  • Circuit time parameter: 47us


Sequence output signal

  • Count: 8 point

  • Function(Distribution): Servo ON(/S-ON),P action(/P/CON),Prohibits story side driving(P-OT),prohibiting reverse side driving(N-OT),alarm reset/(ALM-RST),Positive Zhuance torque limit/(P-CL),reverse the measured torque limit/(N-CL).the position deviation is cleared/(CLR),the internal set speed switching can be allocated and the signal of the positive/negative logic change.


Sequence output signal

  • Count: 6 point

  • Function(Distribution): Servo alarm(ALM),positioning completion(/COIN),consistent speed detection(/V-COMP),servo motor rotation detection(/TGON),Servo ready(/S-RDY),torque limite detection(/CLT),brakes(/BK),encoder zero output(PGC) can be assigned as well as the positive/negative logic of the signal change


Encoder dividing pulse output

  • A phase,B phase,C:Linear driver output;divider pulses: can be arbitrarily set


RS-485 Communications

  • Protocol: MODBUS

  • 1:N Communication: Can be up to N=127 station

  • Axis address setting: By parameter setting


Yaskawa M2 Communication

  • Communication Protocol: MECHATROLINK-II

  • 1:N Communication: MAX TO SATION N=30

  • Station number agreement: SET by parameter


Yaskawa M3 Communication

  • Communication Protocol: MECHATROLINK-III

  • 1:N Communication: MAX TO SATION N=62

  • Station number agreement: SET by parameter


Display function

  • Charged LED,7-segment 5


Regeneration treatment

  • Built-in regenerative resistor or external regenerative resistor(optional)


Overtravel(OT) prevention function

  • P-OT,N-OT enter the action of dynamic brake(DB) stop,deceleration stop or free-run stop



  • Overcurrent,overvoltage,undervoltage,overload,speeding,regeneration fault,encoder feedback error,etc


Monitoring Function

  • Speed,current position,command pulse accumulation,position deviation,motor current,operating status


* Please feel free to contact us for detailed datasheet.

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